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All my different muscle groups were worked out. They felt like they were stronger and lengthened: biceps, triceps, thighs, glutes.

— Barbara

Received mine last week. I can't resist using it. It's my new obsession. Portable, easy storage, affordable, efficient, and ideal for reclaiming your strength, flexibility, and physical agility

— Terese

I love mine! I decided to take my "bigger" machine out last night since it has something similar to a jump board and it was a pain to put together. I like the convenience of the pilates wheel. I can take it anywhere, it does not use a lot of space.

— Sheila

I bought the Pilates Wheel about 2 weeks ago and LOVE it. I am glad nobody sees my very beginner moves. I can already feel the change in my body for the better. I am over 70 years young.

— Leena

I've had mine for a week and LOVE it. I took reformer classes for over a year, but just couldn't afford them anymore. This is perfect for an in home reformer experience. The videos are well done also.

— Kelly

I wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU for creating a great piece of equipment! I could not wait to roll out (pun intended) the Wheel! It has received positive reviews in the short time I have had it. I am INCREDIBLY picky about the equipment I invest in. 

— Tini

The selling point was watching the demonstration video showing a workout with the Wheel alongside of a workout on the reformer. First time I looked at a sales video and thought, "this is not a gimmick"

— Sharon

WOW!! Thank you so much!! I'm a winner anyway from having gotten the Pilates Wheel which is THE BEST fitness tool I've ever used - EVER!! I love it so much!! Happy New Year!!

— Lee

So impressed that you keep coming up with new workouts. Love to run across new moves, like the torso twist in this workout! My husband says that this was money well spent. I couldn’t agree more.

— Lauren

This is my favorite piece of home exercise equipment! I love all of the different video classes. Great workouts in just 30 minutes.

— Cindy

Thank you!!! Best purchase of 2017 was my pilates wheel. Cheers to 2018!  

— Stephanie

I love mine. I have been using about 3 times a week and is so convenient to be able to get that kind of Pilates workout in privacy of my own home anytime of day.

— Melissa

The pilates wheel coupled with your daily workouts has been a game changer for me! Thank you so much!

— Marjorie

Just unpacked my wheel and did fundamentals... love it!

— Laura

Got one last week and lovin' it!

— Jan

Always a great workout. I'm 67 and have the mobility of a 39 year old thanks to Pilates.

— Bonnie

Mine arrived yesterday. It’s easy to use and the videos have modifications for different levels.

— Annie

Oh yes, I have all the archived videos mapped out already and I am doing one of them every day.

— Valerie

Its an excellent product!! I love mine and seeing results after only 3 workouts

— Lisa

Bought the PILATES wheel and it’s AWESOME!! Treat yourself!!

— Jacque

I'm also absolutely amazed, the combined simplicity and complexity are amazing.

— Ambi

This wheel is AWESOME!! I love it! Can’t get enough!!

— Taylor

The PILATES WHEEL is off the charts AMAZING!! Get it now!

— Meg

Already see a difference in toning, flexibility, strength, and mentally I feel 100% better because every part of my body is worked in one hour.

— Tracy

I love my Pilates Wheel

— Laurie

I love my Pilates Wheel and love that you can go at your own pace, and modify positions. Best piece of equipment I've bought since my Step!

— Susan

I’ve looked for something like the Pilates wheel for years, I can’t express how happy I am that this has been created! Yay!!

— Kate

Love my wheel. Great customer service. I'm going to buy the anchor. I should have bought it to begin with.

— Patricia

I love this product!! Very convenient and kicks your butt. You never feel lost because they supply so many instructional videos and support.

— Keisha

Best gift I've ever bought myself. It is a very well-designed, an impressive apparatus. The online videos for setting up the wheel and then the various workouts are wonderful.

— Cathy

I love mine!! It’s great to have an option that is no impact, but gets my heart rate up and has me all kinds of sore the next day.❤️

— Jackie

I bought one a month ago and I LOVE IT!

— Nicole

Loving my new Pilates Wheel!!!!

— Cherri

Pilates Wheel = BEST THING EVER!!

— Susie

Absolutely love this, very happy to have one and for the workouts to choose from! I’m a cancer survivor with core strength issues from multiple surgeries, and this has been the perfect addition to my wellness journey. Great product!

— Sharon

I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, and Myofascial pain syndrome- I’ve been doing Pilates wheel workouts every day this week and I feel much stronger and sturdier with no fibro flare ups. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS DEVICE ❤️❤️❤️

— Leanne

Just sharing. Still so thankful for my Pilates Wheel which gets used almost every day even about a year later. Still my favorite gym addition that makes me feel the most well rounded in my workouts ❤️

— Ambi

I just did legs and abs and I feel like I wanna puke. I’m absolutely in love with it this wheel and the workouts. Pilates Wheel this is the coolest thing that ever happened to me. But I will tell you this I’ve had two major spine surgeries and so I’m very limited as to what I can do and what I can’t do. And with the very clear instructional videos that come along on YouTube, I’ve not gotten hurt.

— Jessica

I have one and absolutely love it!!!! Would highly recommend! There are so many different videos - on their website on YouTube... ❤ . I actually look forward todoing them and am on a weekend getaway this weekend and really wish I would have brought it!

— Janelle

I bought one last month and LOVE it! I even went back and purchased the anchor kit. The videos are easy to follow and the workouts make me work (but in a good way!). I took classes many years ago and have to say I prefer the wheel. This was worth every penny. I can already see changes in my body, my strength, my posture, and even my attitude.

— Tracy

I have it and been using for about 3 weeks now. I love it and can’t believe how challenging it is!! I have neck, back and joint issues. It is definitely lower impact and less stress on the body. So glad I purchased this.

— Kristin

I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, and Myofascial pain syndrome- I’ve been doing Pilates wheel workouts every day this week and I feel much stronger and sturdier with no fibro flare ups. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS DEVICE ❤️❤️❤️

— Leanne

Results may vary. Testimonial results based on a reduced calorie diet and regular use of the Pilates Wheel.

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